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Decadence has unfortunately experienced a fair bit of trouble in the last few months. This has led the guild to stop raiding. Decadence is currently a social hub for any old members who wish to join it. We offer a friendly atmosphere, and a helping hand.

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Welcome to the Home of Decadence!

Decadence is a long standing 25-man raiding guild formed in 2005 on the Sunstrider server, Horde side. We migrated to Karazhan during The Burning Crusade and then moved to Silvermoon as an Alliance guild for Cataclysm. Members of Decadence have always strived to experience the most challenging content in the game throughout all expansions. We pride ourselves on our enjoyable and respectful raiding atmosphere and we try to create a fun environment in which to play together. With all raiding content cleared in previous expansions, our goals for Cataclysm aren't any lower.